How To Install Video Downloader In Ubuntu / Linux Mint

Ubuntu is now very user friendly operating system,  which is having almost all open source application a desktop user need, and Video Downloader is one of them, more  are like Nero, VLC, Team viewer, services like mysqlDB, Tomcat  and more.
JDownloader is an awesome and free download manager that supports a large number of file sharing websites.

Here is how to install it on Linux Mint / Ubuntu :
1. First add the appropriate jdownloader PPA by opening Terminal and typing :

$sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jd-team/jdownloader

2. Next update the Linux Mint / Ubuntu repository by typing :

$sudo apt-get update

3. Finally install the jdownloader application :

$sudo apt-get install jdownloader
Note : if you try to directly install using step 3, it won’t be recognized as the jdownloader
repository by default is not added to Ubuntu and Linux Mint, hence the first
two steps are required to do that.

This will install it and then launch the web update, once update is complete get
ready to download stuff using the cool JDownloader from within Linux Mint / Ubuntu

To Start

1.Go to Dash home and type jdownloader And flow the steps ..............

2.This will Update the plugging .........

3.Chose the Language and Press OK

4.Copy the link and pest and start downloading

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