Most used Linux terminal commands list

Below i have listed most common  used Linux command with its use.

ls  : to  list directory contents

mkdir  : to create  directories

mv  : move or rename files or folder

chown: The chown command is used for user to change the user and group ownership

useradd: to add new user.

ps: to check running process

top: The top command displays information of  running processes,  swap usage, and total number of  running process.

chmod  :Change the access permissions of files and directories

crontab  : Schedule a job to run at given  time

fdisk :Partition table manipulator for Linux

fsck : Filesystem consistency check and repair

hostname : Print or set system name

kill : Stop a process from running

locate : Find files and folders

passwd: Modify a user password

rsync : Remote file copy (Synchronize file trees)

at :  job scheduling  or deleting  jobs for later execution

cal : displays a calendar

cat  :  concatenate files and print on the standard output

cd  : change directory

chgrp  : change group ownership

cp  :  copy files and directories

scp: copy files and directories to remote host

date:  print or set the system date and time

dd  : convert and copy a file

du  : estimate file space usage

df : to check free space on the disk

find  :  search for files in a directory hierarchy

grep  :  print lines matching a pattern

mount  : mount a file system

pwd  :  print name of current/working directory

rm  : remove files or directories

ssh :  SSH client (remote login program)

tail  :  output the last part of files

tar  :  archiving utility

vi :  a  text editor

whoami  :  print effective user info

ping: to check network connectivity

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