How to mount windows partition on ubuntu Linux

In case you have dual operating system Windows and Ubuntu and you want to access Windows NTFS drives on Ubuntu and it is now allowing to access those drive and throwing an error, no worry we have solution for this.

Usually this problem occurs when there is no proper shutdown or hibernation & fast restarting of Windows. You can resolve this by booting into Windows and run chkdsk.

You will get below error while accessing ntfs  drive.

"The disk contains an unclean file system (0, 0).

Metadata kept in Windows cache, refused to mount"

If you don't have immediate boot access under Windows for the drive, do as the message says and mount it as read only.

Then access the drive and copy the important data. You can then repair the drive under Ubuntu by reformatting the partition and bring the backed up data back.

Mounting drive as read only:

$ sudo mount -o ro /dev/sd***  {device name}  /mnt/{mount point}

Another option is to repair the disk under Ubuntu with ntfsfix:

$ ntfsfix /dev/sd**{partition}

once the ntfsfix command executed mount the drive and access the files.

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