How to use apt-get command on Ubuntu Debian

If you are into the world of Linux  or want to move Ubuntu is the best choice for desktop and server.  Due to the increase trend of people shifting to Debian distribution, apt now has become a must know tool.
In fact, apt-get will make your life so easy in Ubuntu that you will stop thinking about how to install and remove software on the Debian /Ubuntu
Now what’s apt?
APT or Advanced Package Tool is basically a Debian package management utility that works  to handle the installation and removal of software on the Debian Linux distribution.
In simple words, if you need to install , remove and update packages apt is the perfect tool for you.
Installing packages

$ apt-get install < package-name >

e.g. $ sudo apt-get install vlc

For source packages,

$ sudo apt-get source < package-name >

To compile the source packages after downloading them,

$ sudo apt-get source -b <package-name>

Re-installing  packages

$ apt-get –reinstall install < package-name >

Removing packages

$ apt-get remove < package-name > (Note: this will not remove the configuration files)

for complete removal ( i.e. with configuration file )

$ apt-get –purge remove  < package-name >
Upgrading  packages

$ apt-get upgrade package-name

Upgrade all the packages which needs an upgrade,

$ apt-get -u upgrade

To upgrade the whole distribution to a new version,

$ apt-get dist-upgrade

Show full description of a package

$apt-cache show package
Try this when you are free, “This Apt has Super Cow Powers”  ,

$ apt-get moo

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